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Teak Garden Furniture

Teak Garden Furniture

Teak garden Furniture sofa set


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Our teak garden furniture is made from the finest teak, known for its quality, durability and beauty. We offer a vast range of teak furniture, including teak tables, chairs, loungers, and Teak benches. Our collections include contemporary, traditional and classic designs.


Made from the Finest Teak,

Teak has been used for centuries as an outdoor furniture material in tropical regions of Malaysia and Indonesia because of its natural resistance to insects and decay; its resistance to extreme weather elements makes it a perfect choice for British weather.

Teak is a robust, durable timber that will last many years if properly maintained. It has a rich, warm golden colour which becomes more intense over time. The colour is achieved through kiln drying rather than chemical dyeing, so it’s environmentally friendly too!


Years of Experience and Knowledge of Teak

Our experience in teak furniture is second to none. We have been making teak garden furniture for over the years, and we know what works in different weather conditions and is easy to maintain. With our vast range of products available, you will surely find something that suits your outdoor space perfectly.


Teak garden chairs

Teak garden chairs have become increasingly popular due to their classic look and high levels of comfort.


Teak Garden Tables

Teak garden tables are ideal for relaxing outdoors or enjoying meals with friends. Our teak patio table sets come in many shapes and sizes (round, square), all constructed from 100% genuine teak wood with no synthetic materials used in their construction.


Teak Garden Sofa

Comfort and style are a perfect blend for your garden. For a chilled-out evening with family or, if you fancy lounging alone  a cushioned teak sofa is the ideal choice.


Reasons to Choose Teak Garden Furniture

Why would you want to buy teak garden furniture?

  • Long-lasting and comfortable. Teak is a natural material that’s been used for centuries in Asia, where it’s known as “the king of woods.” Unlike manufactured materials like plastic or metal, which break down over time and can’t be repaired (or don’t hold up well when exposed to weather), teak lasts forever. Not only will it last longer than other outdoor furniture, but because it’s smooth and silky under your skin, you’ll be more comfortable sitting on a teak bench than a cold metal one!
  • Sustainable design When you choose traditional Asian design elements like curved lines and wood grain patterns on your garden tables or chairs, no two pieces will look exactly alike, making them even more special! You can use these pieces as part of an overall landscape theme that complements your home decor style and architecture.


So go on, Treat Yourself! and Design your Garden with Style.

Teak garden furniture is the perfect investment. It’s comfortable and durable and lasts longer than any other material.

From traditional seating arrangements to modern designs with bold colors, many types of teak furniture are available at affordable prices so that anyone can afford luxury without breaking the bank!

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